The Chamber Of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs (COYLE) which was established in 1999 has a membership of over 116 top Sri Lankan Young Entrepreneurs who are the Chairmen, Controlling Shareholders of the top 100 companies of Sri Lanka.


The Chamber Of Young Lankan Entrepreneurs was formed as a Business Chamber with the vision to be the most influential & vibrant Chamber of young business leaders of Sri Lanka and it plays a vital role for national importance and gives a unique forum for its members through professionalism. COYLE promotes entrepreneurship, economic & development initiatives of the Government & International economic development of the country.  COYLE also provides assistance to its members in Commercial business matters.


COYLE is currently steered towards its vision by its members representing “Blue-Chip” companies of Sri Lanka and its members are honored with several entrepreneur awards at national and international levels.

The Chamber – COYLE motto – “Recognition through Excellence”


COYLE is the only Chamber where the 116 Chairmen of the Sri Lankan Enterprises; they themselves sit in one chamber for a meeting.


It is globally accepted that entrepreneurs are the people who create wealth for the society and drive innovations and change. Assistance, interaction and blessings; of policy makers, peers and the public to the entrepreneurs are crucial factors in bringing prosperity to the country.


COYLE is a chamber that always renders its untiring efforts and support in resolving national issues. It also possesses a remarkable position in the Sri Lankan economic and financial arena due to the significant contribution made to the GDP and GNP of Sri Lanka.


To be the most influential and vibrant chamber of young business leaders whose views on the matters of national importance are sought by the government.


Providing a unique forum to the members through professionalism, brotherhood, and unity.


Serve as a link between the business sector and the Government of Sri Lanka
To provide data to trade and industry
To express the views of the Sri Lankan business community on commercial matters
Mediate disputes arising out of trade and industry